Welcome to Restoration Church!
We exist to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

We come together as a church family often in various ways that God has provided for us. We glorify God by participating in corporate worship, growing in His Word and serving our local community as Jesus' disciples.

Our Story
God is working here.

Restoration Church is a church placed in Camden County, Georgia, in September of 2011. By God's grace, we are building a foundation of believers upon the rock of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is this: To be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and to operate as His Church. This is not accomplished solely by coming together corporately in worship and in proclaiming the truth of God's Word, but by being The Church, that is, the body of Christ to our surrounding city and culture.

God has given us purpose through Christ and called us out as a corporate body of believers. That purpose is two-fold. First: to restore the individual family- that is, those who are separated from Christ. This purpose creates a chain-reaction for our second purpose: to rekindle the fire of the corporate Church family.

The point is, in restoring the individual family, the corporate Church is restored as a result. God's people are comprised of families, whether large or small. When the individual family is defeated, The Church is rendered useless and unable to operate. That is why we are so intentional in promoting the idea and theme of restoration. It's Christ work in us and His work abroad, the restoration of all things. In the family: restoration of marriages, relationships, siblings, and lives to Christ. God has called us not to be a burden to The Church, but to restore it through Jesus Christ, being his hands and feet.